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Oh snap, is it Yuletide o'clock? I DO BELIEVE IT IS!

Brienne of Tarth has nothing to do with any of my requested fandoms, but she rocks my socks and did a stellar job of making this post less empty before I dumped some actual content in it.

First things first, the number-one factor I look for in a fic is credibility. If you decide to write a genderswapped fic where everyone speaks only in iambic pentameter, that's fabulous! As long as you sell me on it and it doesn't come across like you've shoved a bunch of TVtropes pages into a blender just to see what comes out. One thing I love about Yuletide is how it stretches the creativity of everyone involved and I always enjoy seeing just how wildly different another person's approach to canon can be from my own.

In terms of kinks, ratings, and pairings, I'm open to almost anything. Angst, fluff, violence, purple tie-dyed antelope, whatever. I'm not the biggest fan of most kinks related to bathroom activities, or to fic being used as either a battering ram for some undesirable character or a soapbox for your thoughts on whatever it is the canon's done wrong, but I've honestly never received a Yuletide fic I didn't adore and I'm sure whatever you come up with will be made of glory and snickerdoodles.



This movie owns my soul. Not only does it have Eva Green strutting around looking stunning in 1930s fashion, it has diabolical lesbian schoolgirls and so many unanswered questions just begging to be expanded upon. I'd love a look into the background for any character at all, really, though I've always been particularly drawn towards Fuzzy for being the awkward sometimes-scapegoat who runs with the pack one minute and tries to be her own person the next. I feel like there's a storyline all her own that's subtly woven into the bigger picture and it would be wonderful to see it explored.

And, like I mentioned in my signup, MISS G. Talk about unanswered everything. What's her damage? Tell me about the world she painstakingly built around herself just to have a small scrap of power, at the expense of never leaving the very same school she once attended. Or run the other way and tell me what happens after the events of the film. Does she ever meet any of the girls again? For that matter, what happens to Di? A look at Miss G through Di's eyes would be very interesting, considering how much we see her perspective change.

Or Fiamma! Tell me about the scandal with Pablo, tell me about her reaction to the other girls' wildly inconsistent treatment of her, tell me about how her life in Spain compares to her life now, or tell me about her travels to all the other places she mentions visiting.


I know, I know, it's a webcomic about fancy whores, but I'm really craving some insights as to what everyone does in their downtime. Does Mercutio take pity on Rory and give him some pointers on the fascinating world of sex toys? What do Reed and Rhys get up to when they're not being posh gits or bodice-ripper poster boys? Give me a look at Reed's arms dealing, at Rory's friendship with the other characters, at just how the hell Axis manages to be so uninformed about current events. And if sex happens, let it happen! Pairings need not be canon.


My planet-sized affinity for Tom Hardy aside, I just want to hug Handsome Bob forever. Or at least point him in the direction of getting hugged by the studmuffin of his choice. If you want to tell me about how his fling with Bertie goes, be my guest! If you want to have him demonstrate to One Two, in great detail, exactly what he wants to do to him, that works too! If you want to throw Mumbles into the mix, then hell to the yes, go to! Predictable prompt is predictable, I know, but I just want Handsome Bob to get what he's after. I don't care if you put him with Bertie, Mumbles, One Two, or all of them either one after the other or all together.

Smut is awesome, as is the Wild Bunch doing its thing and getting into trouble. Up to you if you'd prefer to include both or focus more on one than the other. Would prefer this one end on a hopeful note, though I guess you could make it a super depressing fic about Bob in prison thinking of all the things he's not doing. But as always, I trust your judgment!

The Cabin in the Woods

This movie had me in stitches when I saw it. I really enjoyed how it took every trope in the book and stitched an entirely different agenda onto the back of each one, and it would be awesome to see that agenda expanded on some more. I mean...what the hell is this business? How well-known is it? How do you get into this line of work? Where did the monsters all come from (backstory for any of the monsters would be excellent, too)? Who has that job? What kind of resumes do these people wade through before they begin the interview process? Exactly what happened the last time things went wrong? What are the U.S. office's relations with the other countries like?

Or, hell, tell me about another country's approach to this madness, full stop. What sort of monsters and bureaucracy do they deal with?

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