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I say yule, you say tide!

Slightly belated salutations to you, bringer of Yuletide cheer! I'm super excited you're writing for me and I hope this post is helpful to you.

First things first, the number-one factor I look for in a fic is credibility. If you decide to write a genderswapped fic where everyone speaks only in iambic pentameter, that's fabulous! As long as you sell me on it and it doesn't come across like you've shoved a bunch of TVtropes pages into a blender just to see what comes out. One thing I love about Yuletide is how it stretches the creativity of everyone involved and I always enjoy seeing just how wildly different another person's approach to canon can be from my own. Any rating is fine by me, but I'm not a fan of fic being used as either a battering ram for some undesirable character or a soapbox for your thoughts on whatever it is the canon's done wrong. That said, I've honestly never received a Yuletide fic I didn't enjoy and I'm sure whatever you come up with will be made of glory and snickerdoodles.

If you need further details on anything, you can always send me an anon ask on Tumblr, where I'm yviwashere.

1. Animorphs

I will stan this series until my dying day. It's so incredibly heavy for a YA series and not only does it have a diverse cast of characters in which the girls are just as strong and richly developed as the boys, it's educational as fuck. I probably wouldn't know a thing about avian physiology if I'd gone through life sans Animorphs.

As much as I enjoy the murkier side of this world, where fourteen-year-olds have to make decisions about what constitutes sentience and where the ethics of morphing begin and end, in the spirit of Yuletide I'd prefer to focus on the lighter side. Something I really enjoy is seeing how this group of kids ends up becoming its own family of happenstance as things progress, even though they butt heads fairly often. I like how Tobias went from having no one to spending enough time with Ax for Ax to consider him his alien BFF, and how both Rachel and Cassie and Jake and Marco managed to keep their friendships going despite having such diametrically opposing views on a lot of the issues they run into. A look into any of the team friendship and how they weather their ups and downs would be awesome (prefer canon pairings if you want to ship anyone). It would also be cool to get a look at what the team gets up to when, by some freak of nature, they don't have to risk their lives to save the world from parasitic slugs. How do they even know what to do with themselves? Do they just sit around and watch These Messages with Ax until Rachel decides she can't stand it anymore? Run with it.

2. Bomb Girls

I would seriously be happy with anything about anyone from this show. But above all, I just want things to work out for Betty and Kate. Surely Gladys has enough clout to keep Betty out of prison, right? Just give me the girls having adventures together, or give me a peek into how Vera and Betty get along, or get grim and tell me what happens if Gladys's family completely cuts her off, or tackle the issue of Betty being in love with Kate and Kate having to overcome her own ingrained prejudices in order to acknowledge it with anything other than revulsion. Anything about the girls being there for each other and I'll be all over it, really.

3. Ghostwriter

I'm going to preface this request by saying I was lucky enough to receive a Ghostwriters treat for Yuletide Madness a few years back, Eventually We Find Our Way, which I love to pieces. Since the world can always use more Ghostwriter love, I'm requesting it again.

This was my favorite show as a kid, hands down. In hindsight, I think I had a crush on Tina, but I also liked Rob a lot since he was kind of broody and wrote poetry. So, let's get some love for the boy who believes in Superpens!

What happens to Rob? Does he go back to being sullen and withdrawn once he has to go on without the team? Does he start a Tumblr dedicated to fashionable bandannas and become an Etsy sensation? Is there a kid at his new school who wants to be friends but secretly thinks Rob's kind of weird for always writing in little notebooks and never showing anyone what's in them? Is Ghostwriter like Peter Pan, where you stop being able to see him once you grow up (Rob always struck me as being a little more pensive than the others, so maybe he would be affected differently)? A look at Lenni and the Hernandez siblings a few years down the line would also be excellent.

Future!fic is wonderful, but so is fic occurring around the same time as canon. Feel free to incorporate any team members and canon characters you like (um, except the Slime Monster, because that episode completely terrified me).

4. Spartacus

JUPITER'S COCK. So I threw out a couple ideas in my signup, any of which would be awesome to see. Or if none of these strike you, backstory about just about anyone would be super as well.

What if Seppia actually succeeded at killing Glaber? Come to that, what the hell was up with that creeptastic relationship with her brother and why of all things did the show not push the incest envelope? And yeah, if you want to go there, I'm okay with Seppcest.

What was Saxa's life like before she was enslaved? A look at her interactions with Belesa or Mira would also be fun. I don't care so much for Gannicus, but I love Saxa's zero-fucks-given attitude towards him.

How do Agron and Nasir fare at starting a goat farm? You could write an entire fic about Agron stomping around yelling, "Fucking goats!" and it would make my holiday. Anything Nagron will make me dance for joy, really.

How does Nasir feel about what Chadara did? I always thought her story arc was interesting since she and Nasir came from the same household and very probably grew up together and her story could very easily have been his if he hadn't thrown himself into training and found Agron.

5. Maurice

I mentioned the epilogue to the novel itself and how interesting I find that little peek into Maurice and Alec's life a little down the line. Like I said before, it would be fascinating to see some kind of reconciliation with Kitty or some detail on the ins and outs of the Maurice/Alec relationship after Maurice gives up everything in order to be with him. Feel free to configure a completely different future for them, also--maybe they end up going to the Argentine together, maybe one or both of them runs into Clive one day, maybe they survive World War I and have to start their lives all over again afterward. Would prefer you not kill anyone off, but I'm okay with this being on the sad side if that's where your mind takes you.

6. Teen Wolf RPF

This entire cast is made of daisies. They all seem so genuinely fond of one another and are basically so adorable I want to die.

I love that Dylan and the Tylers were all roommates at one point--can you even imagine what that must have been like? If you can, tell me about it!

Or Posey and Dylan's own admission that they're like an old married couple.

Or Hoechlin's adorably Victorian crush on Dylan, which mainly consists of making hearteyes and being a huge fanboy at every opportunity and, let's be honest, probably writing terrible poetry when he's alone.

If you want to go AU and make them all millinery apprentices in 1843 or steampunk zombie hunters or something, that's fine. Any pairings are fine, just make me smile.

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